“Dr. Miaken’s adjustments are wonderful and have become an integral part of our lives and well-being”

My wife and I are extremely fortunate to have met Dr. Miaken Zeigler after moving to Denver. We have both benefited from chiropractic care for several years and Dr. Miaken is the best! Her adjustments are wonderful and have become an integral part of our lives and well-being. The staff at Zeigler Chiropractic is friendly and professional. The weekly Spinal Workshops are very informative and helpful. I highly recommend Zeigler Chiropractic to everyone both to take care of chronic pain and to improve general wellness! -Greg H.

“Dr. Zeigler’s approach to wellness care produces results”

I met Dr. Zeigler at a wellness expo and had no idea I was out of alignment or fully engaged in chiropractic care before. After committing to a care program, my posture and body awareness improved substantially. Dr. Zeigler’s approach to wellness care produces results and I look forward to my maintenance sessions. -Leilani R

“If you don’t take care of your body, who will?”

I love going to see Dr. Zeigler. I got into a car accident and she helped make this stressful time for me somewhat easier. If you don’t take care of your body, who will? Chiropractic is very helpful with everyday life and functions. I highly recommend this place! -Lyndsey H.

“I just love coming here!”

Dr. Zeigler is a kind, compassionate, and very knowledgeable caregiver. She treats you as a whole person, not just the parts that hurt. She figured out the trick to make my neck move again and keeps me from having chronic pain. And she is willing to work with other caregivers to achieve the best possible results for you. -Denise S.

“Thank you Dr. Zeigler!”

Dr. Zeigler came and spoke to my staff at Cap City Tavern about How to Be Fit on Your Feet. My staff is on their feet more than most and as a family business we care about them staying healthy, fit, and focused! Her presentation was educational, engaging, and fun! For 30 minutes she educated my staff on some of the basics of the body, what types of shoes should be worn, and exercises that can be done daily to help our bodies stay aligned and in good health. I loved that she used props (such as showing us the difference between good versus bad shoes) and she had my staff up on their feet actually doing the exercises. This kept them focused as well as teaching them the proper way to do each exercise so that the benefits would prevail. She was personable and easy to listen to. We loved having her here, and my staff is asking when she is coming back to teach us more! -Tatianna L.

“Dr. Miaken keeps me pain free!”

I had an auto accident and have been treated by  Dr. Miaken. The service and treatments have really helped my everyday movements. -Marc Z.

 “I highly recommend making an appointment if you haven’t already!”

I love going to my chiropractor! She’s insightful, caring, and gentle. Attending my appointments have made a big difference in my day to day life! -Tera P.

“Being here is always the highlight of my day.”

The atmosphere in this building breathes nothing but love and care into all who enter.  The healing process was slow and arduous before I met Dr. Miaken and Amanda; and ever since, my progress has been rapid and so much fun!

– Sam S.

“Dr. Miaken truly cares about me as a patient and a person”

I love how Dr. Miaken truly cares about me as a patient and a person. She and Amanda make a great team and I enjoy coming here for treatment!

– Bridget V.

“I couldn’t hope for a better experience.”

The atmosphere is both relaxing and inviting. Dr. Miaken is a consummate professional and very engaging. I couldn’t hope for a better experience. – Corey S.

 “I relax the moment I arrive.”

Lovely! Quiet, nice- that’s telling! I relax the moment I arrive. Lots of healthy hugs with Dr. Miaken & Amanda!

– Betchen W.

“I feel blessed to have Dr. Miaken in my life!”

This is a place of positive healing that nurtures good health. I feel blessed to have Dr. Miaken in my life!

– Phyllis C.

“I haven’t had this good of movement in years!”

My day to day isn’t painful or difficult anymore. Plus, it is the most comfortable environment. I love these girls!

– Shayla W.

“I feel a lot better and more flexible!”

The environment feels very welcoming! Dr. Miaken and Amanda make it enjoyable to come in. Working with Dr. Miaken has helped my health a lot; I feel a lot better and more flexible! – Vincent J.

“Dr. Zeigler’s holistic and individualized approach soars high above many other providers with whom I’ve worked.”

– Jennine M.

“Dr. Zeigler is very knowledgeable and nice. She makes you feel comfortable, and of course, the adjustments are awesome!”

– Hannah H.

“I fully trust her [Dr. Zeigler] with my care.”

Dr. Zeigler factors in the overall picture of what is going on, not just the symptoms.

– Carissa B.

 “I’m feeling better, more connected, and really well cared for”

I always walk away from Dr. Zeigler’s office feeling better, more connected, and really well cared for. She is the primary provider of health care for me and my family.

– Chris E.

“She’s very gentle and effective.”

Dr. Zeigler is by far one the best Chiropractor’s I’ve seen. She’s very gentle and effective. I highly recommend using her. You’ll really feel and see the difference.

– Rachael W.

“Dr. Zeigler has helped alleviate my headaches.”

I rarely get sick since I’ve started getting maintenance adjustments! I highly recommend Dr. Zeigler to all my friends and family!

– Kate W

“Dr. Zeigler is top notch! If you have pain, do yourself a favor and go see her!”

– Ted L.

“Dr. Zeigler is the only one who could help me with my headaches and TMJ problems.”

– Steve K.

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