Amanda Celebrates 7 Years at Zeigler Chiropractic!

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Monday April 12, 2021

I love being a part of our practice and your care!

Zeigler Chiropractic CA Amanda Mallard Celebrates 7 YearsI actually started at Zeigler Chiro as a patient in December of 2013. In my time, I’ve been blessed to witness the incredible benefits my family and friends have received while under chiropractic care. This is where my heart is… to see my loved ones healthier and happier through better balance/less falling, improved sleep and ability to manage stress, more mobility, less allergies, headaches and anxiety. These are just a few examples of what I’ve seen with my family, including myself.

I’ve also seen the life changes with you! And, I love when our patients share chiropractic with their family and friends. My favorite appointments – when families, spouses, and friends are adjusted together! Who doesn’t want those closest to you experiencing optimal health and healing? Not to mention a shared accountability to the things that matter most: community, connection and health. I am grateful my mom, husband, brother, cousin and friends live a chiropractic lifestyle. This is why I continue to encourage my loved ones to get their spines checked. (Let’s be real, over 7-years, I’ve shared chiropractic in many places with people I didn’t know because I believe people deserve to experience true healthcare.)

Are you wondering how you can introduce chiropractic to your loved ones?

Below is a short list of ways I’ve shared chiropractic:
• First, share your experience! Especially all the health benefits you’ve experienced, you know chiropractic helps with pain relief, AND there is so much more! Remember, you are the messenger. Chiropractic is often shared via word-of-mouth. There are many misconceptions of chiropractic; and you can provide clarity and understanding as a trusted source.
• It may take time for your loved ones to seek chiropractic care. Keep trying. At Zeigler Chiro, you are more-informed and healthier than the average person. A well-adjusted body is a well-adjusted brain. Your capacity to engage in HEALTHcare is more than those who haven’t been in the office. That’s exactly why they need to be here. Be patient, but persistent. Sometimes we need to nurture the seeds we’ve planted before they are ready to grow.
• Share the Zeigler Chiropractic YouTube channel. Dr. Miaken’s Health Workshops are a wealth of information; and every workshop aligns with your chiropractic care. We all need accountability to continue to build health and vitality. You’ve got your chiropractor at your fingertips! Who else can say that?!
• Have you checked out our monthly newsletter? Forward/share it with your loved ones!
• Bring someone with you to your appointment. It helps your family/friends predict what the office and adjustments will be like when they join our Zeigler Chiro community.
• Lastly, if you have children, I urge you to get them checked. Growing and building health is so much easier than undoing years and decades of stress. Chiropractic supports the growth and development of healthy brains that every child deserves.

Grateful for the last seven years… and to be on this journey with you. THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your health team!

Xoxo – Amanda

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