The Power of Being Your Own Health Advocate

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Friday March 6, 2020

Man hiking in red rocks desert setting wearing sunglasses and yellow neck bandanaPatient of the Month March 2020: MEET JOE!

Joe is a prime example of being your own health advocate. As an avid learner he makes sure he is educated and informed on the decisions he’s making for his health and his life. Getting adjusted is a priority for him each week and he has a full understanding that as he gets adjusted, his brain and body communicate better. Joe looks out for his community by constantly sharing what he knows about chiropractic and healthier lifestyle choices. Way to go Joe! We are proud to be part of your health team!

How long have you been under chiropractic care?
3 years, every Monday on the regular.

What do you do for a living?
Help school districts find Speech Therapists and other professional disciplines.

What prompted you to seek chiropractic help & how has that changed? Dr. Miaken happened to be my next door neighbor and friend. She suggested I give it a try. I was somewhat a non-believer and gave it a try anyway because I knew my friend would not lead me astray. Fast forward 3 years later, I’m a full believer, I look forward to my adjustments and have no doubts about the benefits.

What other changes have you noticed with your overall health & ideal day activities? I have barely been sick over the last 3 years, which prior to my adjustments was not the case. The dry climate of Colorado got me down a few times and that’s all but halted since I started getting regular adjustments. Plus after a good weekend in the mountains, an adjustment is beyond welcome.

What do you like about Zeigler Chiropractic?
The staff, including Dakota, those hugs, and cause I know they care!

Thank you Joe for sharing your vital health care experiences as Zeigler Chiropractic’s Patient of the Month for March 2020!

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