Grateful for Our Team & Community: Reflections during Quarantine + Team Update

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Sunday May 17, 2020

If anything, the quarantine gave me the opportunity to rest, connect with family, and reflect on life. Life in practice, my choice to live a chiropractic lifestyle, slowing down to a new rhythm, the lens in which I view the world, and the people around me … my community. Family, friends, team, practice; the beautiful circle of people that surround me, uplift me, support me. I’m so grateful, for all of you.

What we know of community … it’s essential. And, when you are part of a small team to deliver high-quality, education-rich, vitalistic chiropractic care, it’s absolutely essential to share trust, respect, love, accountability, passion, and connection with that team. At Zeigler Chiropractic, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by individuals who support my mission to change the health and lives of our community. Amanda and Jess are rockstars.

Amanda. This April, we celebrated Amanda’s 6th anniversary at Zeigler Chiropractic. Since (nearly) inception, she’s been an integral part of all things ZC, and where she shines is connecting and being in community. She loves (& hugs,) unabashedly, has the ability to instantly (and authentically) connect, and desires to serve and uplift, selflessly, those around her. I hold so much gratitude and love for what Amanda has brought to my life and that of the practice. And, over the next few months, you may not be seeing her in the office. It’s not good-bye, but a personal choice to rest and reflect.

Jess. Although Jess has only been with us for a short time, she has fit seamlessly into the team and practice. I love, when first meeting Jess, you instantly connect with her bright smile and easy laugh. She exudes warmth in every interaction; and has an authentic desire to make a positive impact within her surroundings. She serves from her heart, and is purpose driven in how she chooses to live life. She and I will be the dynamic duo the next few months as we navigate the transition of this new rhythm of your chiropractic care.

You. Our community. The families, couples, individuals that make up our ZC community who choose chiropractic as a lifestyle. I am grateful for your consistency, commitment, and discipline to do what is not necessarily easy, but what is right; investing in your health, in this sometimes crazy, messy thing we call life. Yes, you feel better … AND as you commit to the principles of time, frequency, and intensity over a lifetime of making the most right decision; the cumulative impact to you, those around you, and life, is immeasurable. It’s resilience. It’s vitality. It’s longevity.

Thank you, for being on this journey with me. For honoring me with the opportunity to partner with you and yours, as we all strive to move toward health and well-being, from the inside out.

Our Deepest Fear is that we are Powerful Beyond Measure by Marianne Williamson

Let your light shine! You are powerful beyond measure! I am grateful to share community with you.

In Health, Dr. Miaken

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