Cross Crawl Exercise | Movement of the Month

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Monday March 8, 2021

My challenge to you:

Dr. Miaken Zeigler Demonstrates Bird Dog or Cross Crawl Spinal ExerciseMove … throughout your day, frequently, regularly, intentionally, whenever you think of it – MOVE! By introducing specific movements to your structure and spine, you counteract the physical stress induced by gravity, chronic faulty posture, imbalance and malalignment, musculoskeletal restriction and poor flexibility.

Bird Dog or Cross Crawl Exercise
This month’s movement goal is to improve core stability by strengthening the back of the body, including your erector spinae, gluts, and hamstrings. Additionally, this move simulates crawling, a movement vital for proper brain development in children – and it benefits the brain no matter your age. By engaging your body in a cross crawl pattern (activating the body on both right and left, top and bottom,) you’re supporting better brain patterning and neural connections; which enhances brain function in general. This one is a win-win for both body and brain!

Click here to watch Dr. Miaken Zeigler live demo of the Bird Dog/Cross Crawl exercise.

1. Kneel with hands below shoulders, knees below hips shoulder width apart. Spread your fingers wide to transfer weight across hands/fingers to take pressure off wrists.
2. Straighten one leg to pelvic height, foot flexed, heel pushing toward back of the room.
3. Keep your pelvis aligned on both right and left side, not allowing it to dip or rise.
4. Lift your opposite arm, shoulder height and thumb skyward (like you’re giving a thumbs-up.) Keep your shoulders relaxed, shoulder blades drawn back and down.
5. Draw in your abdominal muscles/belly button, slightly toward the spine.
6. Hold for 10-seconds, pushing your heel towards the back wall, and your fingers towards the front wall.
7. Repeat on the other side.
8. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged through the entire exercise; work to minimize extra motion in your hips while shifting your weight.

Goal: complete 5 reps/side, 10 reps total. Build up to three sets/day.

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