Exploring Cruciferous & Quercetin-Rich Recipes

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Monday January 18, 2021

Join us in the kitchen!

We’re looking at preparing our own micronutrient soup with cruciferous vegetables and quercetin-rich foods!  In case you missed it, we talked about a micronutrient soup in our recent blog post: Promising Foods That Stop COVID, the Flu & Colds.

We all know choosing whole foods, consistently, is a principle of health… and it quite literally can change your health outcomes in how your body responds to cold, flu, and coronavirus exposure.

What exactly are “whole foods”?  They are foods that have been processed or refined as little as possible and are free from additives or artificial substances.

Healthy Intentions
Starting in 2021, we will be introducing our favorite recipes with cruciferous vegetables and quercetin rich-foods in mind.  And then I thought: it would be fun if we could do this together!

How to Join Us

It’s so easy: share the recipes you are discovering, cooking, and enjoying that contain cruciferous and/or quercetin-rich foods. All you have to do is post your recipes on  Facebook or Instagram, tag us:

@ZeiglerChiropractic and #zchealthyrecipes

We will choose one recipe to be featured each month in our newsletter and share most if not all we find via your tags on our ZC social media posts!

Check out the Quercetin & Cruciferous rich recipes we’ve received … you’re going to love them!

Something Has to Change
The continuing trend of poor health is unsustainable to our medical system, and the personal costs are too great. You have the power and choice to change your trajectory in health. You don’t have to be a statistic. Research shows that those who choose chiropractic care are healthier individuals. Congratulations – you’re already making decisions to invest in your health. Let’s choose to do more this year, and get/stay healthy together.

As always, I am here as your partner in health, to change the health and vitality of our community. It’s your choice and I am with you all the way!

Love and appreciate you!
Dr. Miaken

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