GAS Up this January & February with Zeigler Chiro!

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Wednesday January 6, 2021

Zeigler Chiropractic Gratitude Challenge January & February 2021 Click to Watch/Hear Challenge Launch on YouTubeThe daily practice of gratitude creates positive emotions, like joy, love and contentment undoing negative emotions like anxiety. Plus, gratitude boosts immunity, brain function and overall physical well-being.

Our gratitude practice of choice: GAS cards! So, what’s GAS?

G – Gratitude, what are you grateful for? Write 5-7 (or more) gratitudes!

A – Action, choose 3-5 action items that relate to your goals. At the end of your day, you can check off the tasks you’ve completed knowing it’s moving you towards those goals.

S – Service, choose an act of service that will uplift your community! (Examples: phone calls, notes, write reviews, share a compliment, send a gift, etc.)

GAS cards will be shared with each other via our WhatsApp Gratitude Group. Join our community as we each choose gratitude and vitality in 2021.

Here are all the details!

My December 2020 blog discusses how choosing gratitude, consistently, shows long-term benefits to our mental and physical health, vitality & overall well-being. I want that for you (& me!)

Join me in daily gratitude this January and February 2021! Every day, I’m committing to the gratitude practice to GAS up in the morning! Check out my video for more details. GAS cards will be provided to those interested during your next office visit! Join the Zeigler Chiro WhatsApp group for accountability.

Follow this link to join our WhatsApp Group

December 2020 Gratitude Blog Link

YouTube Gratitude Challenge Launch

I’m optimistic for what 2021 will bring because I choose it.

In Gratitude,
Dr. Miaken

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