How Do You Insure a Sound Generational Health Trajectory?

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Friday November 13, 2020

Patient of the Month November 2020: Meet the Gallegos Family: Tiffany, Dan, Dexton & Zander!

Gallegos Family: Dad, Mom, 2 sonsAs our first ever Family of the Month, we love and appreciate them because of their dedication to their health! This family is always learning, growing, and doing the best they can to create a bright future for all of them. It’s so wonderful to see Mom and Dad set good examples for the kids, and we also get to see big brother setting good examples for little brother! The trajectory that they have created insures health for future generations of their family and those that spend time with them, too. Way to go, you amazing family – you rock!

How long have you been under chiropractic care?
Tiffany began chiropractic care about 8 years ago, and slowly the whole family started seeking the benefits of chiropractic adjustments as well.

What do you do for a living?
Tiffany is an Operations Director working for a grant making agency, and Dan is an IT system administrator. Dexton and Zander are busy boys, into rough housing, computer gaming, and sports.

What prompted you to seek chiropractic help & how has that changed?
Tiffany sought chiropractic care for multiple sinus infections every year and almost monthly migraine headaches. Her migraines have lessened significantly, to only a couple a year, if any. With chiropractic and surgery on a deviated septum, her sinus infections have disappeared. Dexton, also suffered from sinus infections and other lung related illnesses at a young age, being placed on antibiotics too frequently. His sinus infections have disappeared without surgery or any other medications.

What other changes have you noticed with your overall health & ideal day activities?
As Tiffany and Dexton experienced the benefits of chiropractic, Dan began tagging along at Tiffany’s insistence. Zander has been regularly adjusted for his whole life. At 6 years old, Zander has yet to have any illness other than a common cold once or twice (ever!), even with exposure to all kinds of germs in daycare and elementary school. Our family has experienced tremendous benefits in our health and wellness, and we continue with chiropractic maintenance every two weeks, all year long.

What do you like about Zeigler Chiropractic?
We love Zeigler Chiropractic for their welcoming environment and working with us to make times for our care that work for our schedule and commute. With two busy and rambunctious boys, we have a tendency to be a little noisy at times. Zeigler Chiropractic understands that it can be challenging to keep kids still, so they work to book our appointment at times to minimize disruption to other patients. They rotate us through in an expeditious manner while still making us feel welcomed. Families with young children, as some parents can attest, are not always made to feel so welcome especially in quiet settings. Thank you Zeigler Chiropractic! We love you!

Thank you to the entire Gallegos Family for sharing your vital health care experiences as Zeigler Chiropractic’s FAMILY of the Month for November 2020!

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