Health & Safety Precautions Taken at Zeigler Chiropractic

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Monday November 23, 2020

Health & Safety Precautions Taken In Our Office.
Last Updated 11.20.20

Pop-Up Sanitizing Wipes in Blue, White, Yellow containerThe health and safety of our community and patients are our top priority.

I am following the CDC and Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment closely and adjusting our practices as recommendations evolve.

November 20, 2020

With growing questions and concerns around CoVID-19 / Coronavirus, we are taking precautionary measures to reduce the spread of germs, in addition to our regular and thorough cleaning of all surfaces and equipment, including:

1. Limiting the number of patients in the space. DORA, Colorado’s regulatory and licensing agency, recommends no more than 25 people in the office; we will have no more than 10-people in our space (including employees) at a time.

2. Temperatures taken on arrival; additionally, patients are required to fill out brief Covid-19 questionnaires on every visit.

3. Masks are required to be worn by everyone in the space at all times (Governor’s Order Details)

4. CDC states extended exposure is 15-minutes; scheduling is done so that all patients are in-and-out within 10-minutes of their appointment.

5. Doctors are wearing and changing gloves between patients; all doctors and employees are washing/sanitizing their hands regularly.

6. Wiping down our tables with disinfectant/Norwex between each patient.

7. Cleaning all high-touch areas with increased regularity, including: doorknobs, pens, front desk, chairs/wobbles, bathroom.

8. Patients will no longer be allowed to handle their travel cards/charts.

9. Spatial distancing is being done as part of the precautions, including no hugging, shaking hands, etc.

10. Table face paper will not be thread through table anchors.

11. Thieves hand sanitizer stations are located at the front desk, adjusting area, and exam area.

12. Diffusing Pro-shield/Thieves essential oil, which has been shown to kill viruses.

13. 24-hour use of the Triad Aer, an active air purifier, which uses ozone to impact and destroy contaminated air particles, sanitize surfaces, furniture, etc.

14. Weekly, utilizing the Triad Aer Sanitizer + Boost feature, which increases ozone cleaning and sanitization of air and surfaces in the office.

15. As of now, all Health Workshops are reformatted as Direct2U on Zoom and available for viewing on the Zeigler Chiropractic YouTube Channel.  Currently, all workshops are scheduled through January 2021.

“Mildly ill patients should be encouraged to stay home and contact their healthcare provider by phone for guidance about clinical management.”

• If you and/or your children have no known contact with, and are not expressing symptoms consistent with CoVID-19 / Coronavirus (productive cough, non-productive cough, bronchitis, respiratory infection, sore throat, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe fatigue no associated with travel, myalgia, and arthralgia,) you will be scheduled during normal business hours.
• Patients expressing any of the above symptoms are asked to stay home and contact the office for the most appropriate action.
• Patients over 60 or immune-compromised, please contact the office to schedule your adjustment at an appropriate time.
• We encourage you to NOT cancel your appointments. You are in charge of your own health and receiving regular adjustments raises your level of white blood cells that fight infection and foreign invaders in your body, thereby strengthening your immune system.

CDC Prevention Measures – click here
Proactive Steps You Can Take – click here

Please understand, these measures are out of an abundance of caution. We must balance reasonable caution with positive opportunities and sources of joy. Please do not hesitate to call or message/email with questions or concerns.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Miaken & Amanda

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