How Chiropractic Leads to a Healthy Spirit & Body

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Thursday July 15, 2021

Patient of the Month July 2021: MEET PAULA!

Zeigler Chiropractic Patient of the Month is Paula V!We love getting to be a part of sweet, amazing, joyful Paula’s health team and life! This vibrant young lady has taken the initiative to insure a healthy future where she can live life to the fullest (oh, and she does!) and do all of the fantastic things she loves to do. Always learning and growing, Paula embraces education and new experiences. She never misses an adjustment, does her spinal hygiene homework and makes healthy choices. She is quick to share what she knows to help others and is just all around wonderful. Paula, we adore you! We are beyond proud of you!

How long have you been under chiropractic care?
I had been seeing a chiropractor in Puerto Rico for a year or two until I moved to Colorado. Since then I have been in chiropractic care with Dr. Miaken for at least 2 years

What do you do for a living?
I work in retail, and it involves many hours of standing and lifting heavy boxes and moving inventory around the store. Aside from work, I am a full-time student in the Industrial Design program at MSU Denver. A lot of my work involves sketching and 3D-modeling.

What prompted you to seek chiropractic help & how has that changed?
When I moved to Colorado, there were many changes going on in my life. My body had to go through both physical and emotional adjustments in a completely new environment. I had very bad posture and eating habits, I wasn’t hydrating properly for the altitude change, my emotional health was affected with the change as well.  I began to have lots of headaches and back pains, specifically upper body shoulder/neck pain. So I decided it was time to seek chiropractic care again. After a couple of weeks into my new chiropractic routine, I began to feel more lively and relaxed. Because all my physical restraints were gone and I was able to do the things I loved without pain or discomfort. With both chiropractic care and Dr. Miaken’s Spinal Workshop sessions, my emotional health also started to strengthen and heal.  Many of the workshop sessions involved little daily habits to take into consideration for our health and well-being so that definitely helped.

What other changes have you noticed with your overall health & ideal day activities?
With chiropractic care, aside from having stellar posture and a great attitude, I have learned many other health benefits from Dr. Miaken that have brought me out of my shell and into the Coloradan outdoorsy community. I have been more eager and comfortable to try new sports, I have made it a goal to be a healthier person through nutrition, emotional and spiritual health.

What do you like about Zeigler Chiropractic?
What do I like about Zeigler Chiropractic? EVERYTHING! Dr. Miaken’s office is like my second family. Ever since I first walked in the door to have my first evaluation, everyone treated me with such genuine love and care. Dr. Miaken is truly amazing at what she does and is very passionate about the care and well-being of all her patients. And how can I leave out Amanda? She is one of the most loving people I know! Amanda just has so much love to give to everyone, and it is so special to be greeted by her when you walk in the office. In Dr. Miaken’s office, you are not only a patient of chiropractic care but you are a member of a family that loves and cares for you in every way possible. Thank you all for being so great!

Thank you Paula for sharing your vital health care experiences, especially how chiropractic care provided by Dr. Miaken Zeigler lead you back to a healthy body and spirit! We are proud to name you as Zeigler Chiropractic’s Patient of the Month for July 2021!

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