Dr. Miaken Shares Her Self-Care Regimen

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Monday February 15, 2021

Dr. Miaken’s Healing Journey & Regimen Following a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis.

Listening to the media for any length of time might have you believing that our world is a dire place. Natural disasters, chaos, hate, and division might be the lens in which you view the world; when in fact, every day there are millions of people carrying out good deeds and kindness towards their fellow humans. But, stories of love and kindness don’t make for good news.

Quote from Albert Camus The StrangerOur world is stressful; and our neurology is wired to survive – meaning our sympathetic nervous system, the fight, flight or freeze response dominates when we perceive stress. And the typical corresponding emotions are fear, anger, and hopelessness. Recognizing the human tendency to gravitate toward negativity, and knowing how it impacts our perception and experience, I am intentional with self-care practices to support and elevate my health. As Albert Camus stated in The Stranger, no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.

So, what are my self-care practices? To answer, I think it’s important to understand my history and experience that color the lens in which I view the world.

My Story
As a chiropractic kid, I’ve been adjusted all my life. Going to see my chiropractor (dad) was normal, ordinary, routine. What would be considered alternative life choices, perhaps even healthcare, was the norm. There were very few visits to the medical doctor, virtually no over-the-counter or prescription medications in the house, and frequent adjustments to support performance and recovery, counteract effects of increased life stress, boost immune function and more. Looking back, chiropractic, food, movement and community were our healthcare choices. Following an engineering career that left me wanting for more, I elected to attend chiropractic college where my choice to live holistically moved from life experience to medical training. You see, my self-care practice didn’t happen overnight; it’s been a lifetime in the making with one major contributor: a significant health challenge that required the culmination of all my experiences.

Dr. Miaken Zeigler's personal daily regimen listSix years ago (2015).
Over a 10-day period, I experienced a complete loss of function of the left side of my body, slurred speech, and double vision. My husband and I showed up at the ER to rule out brain tumor and stroke. After blood labs, CT, MRI… I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) due to a brain lesion located in my mid-brain. The ER visit was so stressful; my speech had become completely impaired – no one could understand me. What do I know about health, the body and an increased stress load? I was struggling to adapt to my environment. I did the only thing that made sense to me – I went to my chiropractor. After a detailed assessment, my chiropractor adjusted me, and immediately my speech improved by 50% … with a lesion in my brain. I’m so grateful for that one adjustment as it removed significant stress to my brain; and thus began my journey back to health.

The next six weeks.
I experienced negatively progressive symptoms that confined me to my bed. My husband got me dressed in the morning, prepared all my meals, and shuttled me to my appointments. What did I do? Everything I could think of that would allow my body and brain to better express health. I got adjusted EVERYDAY. I chose anti-inflammatory foods, got on specific supplementation, received acupuncture, life-coaching, slept … I drew on life-experience and education. In the meantime, a visit to the neurologist confirmed MS. What was mainstream medicine’s answer? A trial of prescription medications to see how my brain/body would respond and symptom management. We elected for a spinal tap as the definitive diagnosis.

Over another six weeks, I slowly improved. I continued my health regimen, diligently. And … my spinal tap results came back negative. I am considered a medical miracle. My doctors want to run more tests. And, I said no. I’ve never wanted anyone to put me in a box … or limit my potential. I’m so grateful for my upbringing; seeing how something that was once ordinary and routine, my chiropractic care, literally saved my life.

Turning Point.
This experience defined a turning point in my life. One where chiropractic and my daily self-care practices have become a non-negotiable. I am committed to the principles of time, frequency and intensity in my health journey. My definition of health – how you eat, move, think, sleep, hydrate, and work through past traumas … while maintaining a clear brain/nervous system to integrate all components. So today, I share with you what my daily, weekly, and monthly practices include. I encourage you to create your own regimen; know I am here to help you.

Why is this so important? As a new mom, I’m not only looking out for me, but also for my daughter. Our children are watching us; we are their teachers. I choose to be the role model that will set her up to succeed … knowing that her potential is limitless and her body is intelligent.

The world we live in is one of instant gratification and quick fixes. It sensationalizes the outward appearance and magic pill that perpetuates doubt, uncertainty, shame, and fear. You can choose differently. It takes responsibility, effort and discipline, but it’s incredibly worthwhile. I wish for you and yours … MORE. In fact, I would love for you to raise the average in all things health. We need more vibrancy, more community, more love, more acceptance, and more connection – for within you there is something stronger, bigger. It starts with you, one decision at a time.

Will you join me?

Love and appreciate you!
Dr. Miaken

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