During your spinal adjustment visits with Dr. Miaken Zeigler, D.C. she often recommends movements and exercises that will address concerns discussed during your appointment. For consistency of message and visual demonstration, Dr. Miaken has produced a video covering the spinal hygiene exercises and movements she recommends.

This page provides a complete index of all videos related to spinal hygiene, specifically targeting cervical, lumbar, and spinal exercises and movements.

Our Direct2U Workshop library page lists all videos Dr. Miaken has developed by category. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and receive notifications of all newly released D2U Workshops.  Dr. Miaken’s patients automatically receive her monthly newsletters, showcasing her movement-of-the-month, as do her social media followers.

Dr. Miaken Recommended Spinal Hygiene Exercises


Cervical Rotation
Cervical Lateral Flexion
Cervical Flexion/Extension

Upper Back & Shoulders

Wall Angel Exercise

Mid Back

YWTL Thoracic Exercise

Low Back/Core

Child’s Pose | Horizontal & Vertical Positions
Core Bracing
Cross Crawl Exercise
Dead Bug 1
Dead Bug 2
Dead Bug 3
Dead Bug 4
Dead Bug 5
Wobble #1 | Loading/Unloading Cycles
Wobble Warm Up #2 | Lateral Flexion Arms Up
Wobble Warm Up #3 | Lateral Flexion Arms Down
Wobble Warm Up #4 | Lateral Flexion Arms Across Chest
Wobble Warm Up #5 | Lateral Flexion Arms Behind Head
Wobble Warm Up #6 | Rotation Arms Across Chest


Diaphragmatic Breathing

Deep Dive: Spinal Hygiene Wellness Workshops

Sitting: Is It Killing Us?
Rhyme & Rhythm of Healthy Living
Spinal Hygiene, Foundational Movements
Spinal Hygiene | Longevity: Knowing Your Numbers
Spinal Hygiene @ Home Tools
Spinal Hygiene Foam Rolling

Our library of topics will continue to grow throughout 2021.  The next time you are in the office for your adjustment, let Dr. Miaken know if there is a topic, movement, or exercise not on this list you would like her to cover in a future Direct2U Wellness Workshop.

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