How Chiropractic Leads to Strength, Stamina, and Healthy Neuro System

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Wednesday September 8, 2021

Patient of the Month September 2021: MEET ELISSA!

Woman with long brown hair sitting with her black and white dog under a treeElissa is a true inspiration to all! Taking care of her health is a priority so that she can continue to create the life that she is striving for and be a beacon of light in our community. When we chatted with her during her recent office visit, she said: “I have to take care of me, to be able to do everything”. Our hope is for everyone to have this attitude and desire to  create stamina and longevity in their life! With an incredibly heavy work and school load, Elissa is constantly on the go. Yet, she remains consistent with her chiropractic care as well as her home care and other added modalities to support her health. Way to go, Elissa – we adore you and are incredibly proud to be on your health team!

How long have you been under chiropractic care?
For many years but 2 years with Dr. Miaken.

What do you do for a living?
I am a social and environmental justice advocate.

What prompted you to seek chiropractic help & how has that changed?
I was suffering from ongoing low back pain. It is much better: my body feels stronger, and my brain works better!

What other changes have you noticed with your overall health & ideal day activities?
I am busy working full time and finishing a master’s degree and keeping my neuro system healthy helps me manage this and the stress that comes with it.

What do you like about Zeigler Chiropractic?
I like the friendly atmosphere and flexibility!

Thank you Elissa for sharing your vital health care experiences, especially how chiropractic care provided by Dr. Miaken Zeigler has helped you gain strength, stamina, and a healthy neuro system! We are proud to name you as Zeigler Chiropractic’s Patient of the Month for September 2021!

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