Wall Angels | Movement of the Month

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Monday May 17, 2021

Wall Angles

Dr. Miaken Zeigler Demonstrations the May Movement of the Month: Wall AngelsWall angels are a foundational movement in our office that target upper back and shoulder musculature to improve our upright posture. In this video, we are showing you a slight modification of what we teach in the office – so tune in and give it a try!  Also, some people like to perform wall angels on the ground (floor angels!) or on a foam roller (lying the foam roller vertically along the spine.) This is great to utilize as a stretch.  However, when standing you are using gravity at activate your musculoskeletal system to hold you in better form. You’re welcome to do floor angels, but they are not a substitute for wall angels.

1. Place your back against the wall.
2. Slightly bend your knees.
3. Tuck your pelvis/tailbone under to flatten your back against the wall.
4. Rachet your shoulders back, drop your shoulder blades down and back against the wall (see video for visual!)
5. Bring your head straight back to touch the wall.
6. Bring your arms up to an angel position (work to get your hands, wrist, elbows & shoulders against the wall)
7. Move in angel-like motions, moving arms straight up-and-down, 5-10 repetitions.
8. Move in angel-like motions, moving arms in rounded motion, 5-10 repetitions.

Click here to watch Dr. Miaken Zeigler live demo of the Wall Angel

Move … throughout your day, frequently, regularly, intentionally, whenever you think of it – MOVE! By introducing specific movements to your structure and spine, you counteract the physical stress induced by gravity, chronic faulty posture, imbalance and malalignment, musculoskeletal restriction and poor flexibility.

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