How do you become a Wellness Warrior?

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Monday December 9, 2019

Man standing on a rock wearing a gray jacket and cap and shorts holding a sign reading Mt Bierstadt 8/12/19Patient of the Month December 2019: MEET COREY!

Talk about a role model in health and life! Corey fully embodies this honor. As for his chiropractic care, he is a Wellness Warrior. He always makes his appointments or reschedules so that he can keep on track with his spinal/nervous system health. He also works diligently on all aspects of a health. From diet to exercise to positive thinking, he has made, and continues to make, the choices to give himself his best life. Way to go Corey!

How long have you been under chiropractic care?
Since January 2014. I also received regular chiropractic care during my teenage years.

What do you do for a living?
I work with a financial literacy firm, helping show people how money works. We focus on helping the average person with short and long term savings, properly protecting their loved ones, debt solutions, and wealth preservation. I love being able to work with those the traditional financial planning industry has left behind! After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a chance at a life without stress and pain?

What prompted you to seek chiropractic help & how has that changed?
I already knew the benefits of chiropractic care, so when Amanda told me she was working with Dr. Miaken it was a no brainer! Since I started my care routine, I have noticed a huge increase in my range of motion, as well as my lower back pain being almost completely gone. Both were pretty big concerns of mine as I continued to get older. Thanks sis!!

What other changes have you noticed with your overall health & ideal-day activities?
I can squat without pain or restriction, and I can stand for longer periods without my back hurting. My concentration has improved, and I am better able to handle stressful situations. Plus, I love to hike and snowshoe and now I can do both without needing 2 days to recover.

What do you like about Zeigler Chiropractic?
I love the fact that everything at Zeigler Chiropractic starts with an education-first approach. Knowing what you are doing for your health and understanding why is just as important as doing the actual work. Having that knowledge helps keep you dedicated to your care routine.

Thank you Corey for sharing your vital health care experiences as Zeigler Chiropractic’s Patient of the Month for December 2019!

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