Your first visit to Zeigler Chiropractic will be an educational experience. As a chiropractic office in Denver, Colorado, we are teachers. We provide the guidance, tools and adjustments necessary to support your healing and best function. Dr. Miaken will start with a consultation, performed at her expense, to check your spine for subluxation or nerve interference. This initial visit is designed for Dr. Miaken to learn more about you, your concerns, and expectations to determine how chiropractic care can meet your goals.

Day 1 Appointment Includes:

  • Educational Video
  • ConsultationPosture Analysis
  • Palpation
  • Chiropractic ExaminationNervous System Scan
  • X-Rays, If Needed
  • Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Neurological Examinations
  • Physical Tests, including Range-of-Motion, Flexibility, & Balance
  • 3D Foot Scan
  • Schedule Day 2 Appointment

Day 2 Appointment Includes:

During your second appointment, you can expect an ‘Introduction to Chiropractic’ presentation, a comprehensive report of findings, recommendations for care and your first in-flow adjustment, if you choose to become a patient.

You can expect to get the answers to the following questions:
1. What’s wrong?
2. Can chiropractic help?
3. How long will it take?
4. How much will it cost?

We treat patients as family on each and every visit in an open environment that feels like home. Our goal, is that your adjustment and experience is as comfortable as possible. We strive to make chiropractic care both a routine way to improve your health, and a way to uplift your day. We use gentle techniques in a calming environment where Dr. Miaken looks forward to helping you live your best life possible in Denver, Colorado.