Wobbles: How They Support Spinal Rehabilitative Exercises

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Monday April 12, 2021

Wobble Tool Supports Spinal Hygiene

Chiropractic Movement & Spinal Hygiene

The average consumer utilizes chiropractic as a natural alternative for the treatment of back pain, headaches and more. Once chiropractic is understood, however, most people choose to continue their care for overall health and well-being. I celebrate the informed consumer who chooses chiropractic as a lifestyle as it not only leads to a healthy spine and structure, but also a healthy brain. It supports longevity, vitality and vibrancy… literally anti-aging at the cellular level! It is true healthcare. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Chiropractic Simplified
Your brain was the first organ to form in utero; and from the brain came every cell, tissue and organ. The brain is in control of all development and function for the entirety of your life (starting at conception!) And, it is the only organ fully encased in bone. If there is interference/stress at the spine (chiropractors call it subluxation,) it changes the information traveling to the brain. Bad input = bad output. Think of bad output as your symptoms and/or concerns (your bodies way of tell you something is wrong!) Correcting subluxations via the chiropractic adjustment improves information going to the brain which results in better function, feeling and healing. An enhanced brain-body connection to EVERYTHING.

What alters our sensory input?
Your brain processes the environment through our senses. Your sensory input is altered through poor biomechanics, faulty posture, foot pronation, reduced range-of-motion/flexibility, vertebral subluxation, concussions, past physical trauma, motor vehicle accidents, repetitive motions, sedentary lifestyle, weight-gain, poor sleep posture, stress… you get the idea.

Chiropractic & Movement: As a Lifestyle.
You can start to understand why chiropractic plays a vital role in your expression of health as it changes how your brain processes your world. Proper movement of the spine through chiropractic adjustments and specific spinal movements supports appropriate sensory input to the brain.

Spinal Hygiene
By the time a person is 12-years-old, their spinal discs, ligaments and cartilage no longer have a direct blood supply for the nourishment and elimination of cell waste. These tissues are then referred to as avascular. Avascular tissues require nourishment and waste elimination for proper function, repair and regeneration (as they did when they were vascular.) By introducing motion to spinal disc and ligaments, health and vitality is maintained as movement pumps fluids into and waste out of avascular tissue.

Side note: think about how the transition of spinal discs, ligaments and cartilage to avascular tissue impacts sensory information to the brain. Remember, proper movement is VITAL in how your brain processes the environment. If you didn’t have proper movement as a child, consider how long your brain has been processing altered/poor sensory information? How do you think this impacts your brain, structure and health? And, how long do you think it takes for recovery and healing?

Getting Started Through Spinal Rehabilitation
Avascular discs, ligaments and tendons are rehydrated and nourished, and metabolic waste eliminated by loading and unloading cycles (wobble.) By introducing these specific spinal rehabilitative exercises, along with chiropractic adjustments, you correct spinal subluxation and poor patterning. Meaning your subluxation patterns become less resistant (i.e. your brain and body are more accepting of a normal, balanced, symmetrical, and aligned pattern and posture) when you wobble! Up to 95% of the force needed to mobilize the spine is reduced by repetitive cycles: up to 120 repetitions using the wobble exercise is recommended!

How cool is that?

Frequency & Duration
How often and long do you think you should perform spinal hygiene movements? Every day, for the rest of your life. If you want healthy structure and nerve system.

Click here to watch Dr. Miaken demonstrate the first in her series of Wobble Exercises

Spinal hygiene goes hand-in-hand with your chiropractic care, and it’s VITAL to a healthy body and brain. In addition to discussing the importance of wobble movements, I’ve introduced movements of the month in my 2021 newsletter. There is a vast amount of information at your fingertips via the Zeigler Chiro website, YouTube Health Workshops Channel (check out my most recent spinal hygiene workshops: Foundational Movements & At Home Tools,) and most recently Spinal Hygiene Library that catalogs movements I personally recommend.

You are the only one who can change your health. The time is now.

In Health,
Dr. Miaken

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