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Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Tuesday April 13, 2021

Wobbles at Work

Move … throughout your day, frequently, regularly, intentionally, whenever you think of it – MOVE! By introducing specific movements to your structure and spine, you counteract the physical stress induced by gravity, chronic faulty posture, imbalance and malalignment, musculoskeletal restriction and poor flexibility.

Wobbles (Loading/Unloading Cycles)
This month’s movement goal is to address the health of your spinal discs, cartilage and tendons. Avascular discs, ligaments and tendons are rehydrated and nourished, and metabolic waste eliminated by loading and unloading cycles (wobble.) By introducing these specific spinal rehabilitative exercises, along with chiropractic adjustments, you correct spinal subluxation and poor patterning. Meaning your subluxation patterns become less resistant (i.e. your brain and body are more accepting of a normal, balanced, symmetrical, and aligned pattern and posture) when you wobble! Up to 95% of the force needed to mobilize the spine is reduced by repetitive cycles: up to 120 repetitions using the wobble exercise is recommended!

Click here to watch Dr. Miaken Zeigler live demo of  the Wobble (Loading/Unloading Cycles)

1. Take a full inhale. Tuck your pelvis forward, rounding out your low back.
2. Shift pelvis back, extending your low back. Exhale deeply.
3. Repeat. Start with 5 repetitions, work up to 10.
4. Take a full inhale. Lift your right hip towards bottom of your right ribcage.
5. Lift your left hip towards the bottom of your left ribcage. Exhale deeply.
6. Repeat. Start with 5 repetitions, work up to 10.
7. Combine both movements to move pelvis in circular motions, first clockwise then counter-clockwise. Move slowly. Start with 5 repetitions, work up to 10.
8. Figure 8 Motion: Move right front pocket forward, shift to back left pocket, move to front left pocket, and finally shift to back right pocket. Move both directions, slowly for 2-3 minutes.

Goal: 120 repetitions total, daily.

Required Equipment:
Vestibular Disc
Wobble Chair

Other Resources:
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Dr. Miaken’s recent blog: Wobbles: How They Support Spinal Rehabilitative Exercises

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