YWTL Thoracic Exercise | Movement of the Month

Dr. Miaken Zeiger | Monday February 15, 2021

Why is it, at below freezing temperatures, a river doesn’t freeze?

Movement! Movement is life!

YWTL Thoracic Exercise Video Demon by Dr. Miaken ZeiglerWelcome to our Movement of the Month and my challenge to you:  move … throughout your day, frequently, regularly, intentionally, whenever you think of it – MOVE! By introducing specific movements to your structure and spine, you counteract the physical stress induced by gravity, chronic faulty posture, imbalance and malalignment, musculoskeletal restriction and poor flexibility.

YWTL Thoracic Exercise
Goal: to stretch and introduce extension into your thoracic spine from top to the bottom.
Click here to watch Dr. Miaken’s Live Demo of the YWTL Thoracic Exercise.

1. Raise your arms in the air with palms facing forward in a “Y” position. Drop your shoulders back, shoulder-blades down, relax your neck, reach the top of your head skyward, tucking your chin. Pull your arms backward and hold for 30-seconds.
2. From there, move your arms to a “W” position. Pulling your arms back with elbows pointing downward; hold for 30-seconds.
3. Spread your arms, palms still facing forward, into a “T” position (arms are at shoulder height.) Hold for 30-seconds.
4. Lastly, move your arms in the “L” position with your elbows tucked to your sides. Pull your forearms back, opening your heart/chest. Hold for 30-seconds.

Helpful tips.
Perform in front of the mirror, your left and right sides should mirror each other. Use your breath, driving your breath deep into your belly; imagine you’re blowing up a balloon as your tummy expands downward.
Intermediate Level: try the exercise against the wall, combining the spinal toothbrush with the YWTL Thoracic Exercise.

If you have any questions, talk with Dr. Miaken during your next appointment at Zeigler Chiropractic.

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